Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Werner Weidenfeld
LMU Munich, Director of Center for Applied Policy Research (CAP)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kaplony 
Chair of Arabic and Islamic Studies/Institute of Near and Middle Eastern Studies

Academic Coordinator

Ludwig Schulz

Coordinating Institutions

The Middle East and International Affairs Research Group (MEIA Research) seeks to strengthen international interaction and understanding and to improve political, economic, cultural, academic, and societal relations between Europe and the Middle East. MEIA Research focuses on improving relations between Germany and the GCC states, reflecting their pivotal economic and growing political leadership roles in their respective regions. To this end, MEIA Research is developing cooperation projects with institutions in several GCC states.

Founded in Munich in 2012 by a group of researchers, consultants, and trainers, each one with an international academic background as well as special interests and practical experience in the MENA region, MEIA Research offers a fresh and independent approach to the field of international and intercultural relations. MEIA Research focuses particularly on the interaction and cooperation among young leaders in Europe and the larger Middle East.

By organizing and hosting dialogue conferences, round tables, and other activities, MEIA Research provides a forum for discussion and intellectual exchange. In addition, MEIA Research engages actively in the public debate and informs both the general public and decision makers through indepth academic analyses.

The Center for Applied Policy Research (C.A.P.) is a university based institution in Germany for political advising on national, European, and international issues. It was founded in 1995 as a home for practice oriented research, aligned with the University of Munich.

The C•A•P draws its operating funds from projects and partnerships with foundations, government institutions, and private corporations. The Center brings together academic expertise in order to work out strategies and options for current political issues. The Center’s research groups and projects combine international and interdisciplinary analysis with concrete suggestions for political strategy and practice.

The C•A•P uses this approach to advise current and future political leaders on decisions regarding a wide variety of political, economic, and societal issues. Besides, the C•A•P focuses on capacity building, executive education and international networking programs with partners all over the world. The Center has a long standing Middle East Department that has cooperated successfully with various partners in the Arabian Gulf region, including the King Faisal Center, the Al-Yamamah University, the Gulf Research Center and Kuwait University.

The Institute of Near and Middle Eastern Studies (INMO)

Research and instruction within the Institute of Near and Middle Eastern Studies (INMO) revolves around the languages, cultures, and literature of the Islamic world in the past and present. The focus thereby is on sources in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. In chronological terms, we address everything from Late Antiquity to the present; in geographical terms, we cover a region stretching from Spain to Central Asia, from the Balkans to Egypt and North Africa.
Research is conducted within five research groups and a number of individual projects. The degrees offered include both the bachelor’s and master’s programs in Near and Middle Eastern Studies and a variety of doctoral programs. Our reference library is available to all interested scholars.