Grades & Credits

The Academic Board of the LMU Munich defines the requirements and contact hours* for successful completion of the courses as follows:

  • regular attendance (6 lessons max. absence)
  • preparation for and active participation in seminars
  • attendance and contribution to lectures
  • participation in and contribution to class excursions
  • self-study and homework assignments
  • written assignments
  • presentations

Contact Hours*:

  • 60 contact/class hours* worth up to 6 ECTS credits

* One contact/class hour comprises 45 minutes.


Every student will receive an official transcript after the successful completion of all program requirements. The transcript will show the course name and contact hours, the number of acquired credits as well as the achieved grades.

Credit Transfer

Most international colleges and universities accept credits from the MISU LMU. However, each institution has its own policy regarding credit acceptance from other institutions. We strongly recommend that students consult their academic advisor and/or professor to receive credit transfer approval before applying to the MISU Summer Academy. Students who would like to transfer credits to their home universities should print out all documents contact the professor or study abroad advisor and ask for credit and grade approval.

Grading Scale

Grades are defined by the Academic Board according to the general grading system of the LMU.

Please note: Extra credit is not available for this course.

Passing grades are 1,00 to 4,00

  • < 1,00 = exceptional 
  • 1,00 – 1,50 = very good (sehr gut)
  • 1,51 – 2,50 = good (gut)
  • 2,51 – 3,50 = satisfactory (befriedigend)
  • 3,51 – 4,00 = sufficient (ausreichend)
  • 4,00 deficient (mangelhaft)
  • NG - Not graded
     No course certificate was awarded, because the student has chosen to audit the course without any essay.
  • PNG - Passed, No grade
     An ungraded course certificate was awarded because of no essay was presented.

Grading Procedure

There are two grading sections in this course:

  • 65% = Essay (3500-4000 words) 
  • 35% = Active participation in class, homework assignments, and soft skills